The Hang Up Portable Bandsaw Stand

The feature/ benefit set of this highly versatile saw stand is immediately recognizable by both the professional and the casual user. This product capitalizes on the highly functional portable, hand-held bandsaw line from Milwaukee, and takes the cutting precision capability of this hand held saw to new levels, while maintaining the portable qualities that have made the Milwaukee hand held bandsaws a standard in the tools chest of many working professionals and homeowners! This product actually allows a user of a Milwaukee portable bandsaw to convert the usage properties from a hand portable bandsaw into a stand-secured vertical bench bandsaw IN SECONDS, with the same transition back to hand-held IN SECONDS. It is truly remarkable!

This allows the user to make the precision cuts ON SITE that would traditionally require a larger, fixed position vertical bench bandsaw. Transition time between the versatility and capability of the Milwaukee hand held portable bandsaw and the precision cut capability of a vertical bench bandsaw are now both PORTABLE and easily EXCHANGEABLE without the investment in separate tools. Let your imagination run wild…Great for construction jobs; easy and lightweight to move from location to location; can be used seated on a variety of surfaces, locations; would work well for maintenance organizations, metal fabrication facilities, trade schools, or small volume production lines. Of course, the saw in the Hang Up Portable Bandsaw configuration has all the cutting capability that users of Milwaukee portable bandsaws have become familiar with…steel, aluminum, alloys, cast iron, brass, plastic, and Plexiglas! Two tools in one!

Two models that serve different models of Milwaukee brand corded portable bandsaws

Model 12-1100:
Fits Milwaukee models 6225, 6230, 6230-N, 6232-6, 6236, 6238

Model 12-1100-E:
Fits Milwaukee models 6225, 6230, 6232, 6236, 6238


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